Tobacco-Free Healthcare Facilities & Campuses​

 VIVA works with clinics and healthcare facilities to implement smoke-free policies and establish tobacco cessation services.

The Tobacco Industry & Rural Communities

The tobacco industry heavily markets cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in rural communities. This makes it more likely that people in these communities will use tobacco products and that they will start using tobacco at a younger age.

Rural areas have a lot to offer — scenic landscapes and close-knit communities — but they also have unique challenges when it comes to reducing tobacco use. For example, rural residents have less access to quitting resources and secondhand smoke prevention resources.


From 2013 (when the CA Smokers Helpline began accepting eReferrals) until 2018, over 5,000 Californians utilized the Helpline’s cessation services after being directly referred through the eReferral process.

1 in 4

About one in four adult smokers report that their doctor advised them to quit smoking and also referred them to a cessation program.


The rate of adult cigarette smokers who thought about quitting or made a quit attempt decreased or remained stagnant between 2013-2017.

Click here to read the full California Tobacco Facts & Figures 2019 report.  

Kick It California

Kick It California is a free program that helps Californians kick smoking, vaping, and smokeless tobacco with the help of proven, science-based strategies.

Kick It California (

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